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  1. porpastor Josue Del Carmen cruz

    en enero 15, 2015

    hola….lla gracia de Dios sea sobre ustedes. soy pastor de una pequeño grupo en la ciudad de tijuana, y me gustari resivir sus devociones. y sermones.

    Este sitio es muy bueno porque da mucha informacion sobre la confecion de fe, de la iglesia luterana. España. bueno muchas bendciones a todo el quipo que hacen posible este sitio para bendesir a muchas personas.

  2. porluteranos

    en enero 18, 2015

    Estimado pastor, muchas gracias por sus comentarios. Nos alegramos que el contenido de nuestra página le sea útil en su ministerio. Puede seguir nuestras devociones e información sobre nuevos sermones en nuestra página de Facebook. Un saludo fraterno en Cristo para todos los hermanos de Tijuana desde España.

  3. porMaria jose

    en enero 10, 2017

    Buenas! Hay alguna iglesia luterana en España?

  4. porluteranos

    en enero 21, 2017

    Estimada María José, para localizar una congregación de nuestra Iglesia, por favor envíe un mail a consejo@luteranos.net. Con gusto le daremos la información que necesite. Bendiciones en Cristo!!.

  5. porvictor

    en febrero 7, 2017


  6. porRogelio Prieto

    en marzo 28, 2017

    Ruego pasen esta breve nota al pastor Felipe Lobo:

    Gracias por tu artículo en Protestante Digital y por mantener tu integridad y equilibrio en la fe. Me legro mucho de que hayas encontrado un hogar espiritual entre estos hermanos luteranos.
    Estás en mis oraciones y me gustaría tener noticias tuyas para seguir orando por tí.
    Un grandísimo abrazo,


  7. porJohn John

    en octubre 6, 2018


    This message is from GODs will to religious leaders all over the world.
    !!!!!!! I tell you what I know from GOD: it is time for you to receive the payment for your work, and GOD will pay everyone for their work.
    Remember and do what is pleasing in the sight of GOD, that not all the earth be destroyed because of you.
    Understand once and open all the peoples of the world until the greater disaster comes near:
    - GOD is the CREATOR of the universe is ONE SINGLE and you only have to serve and worship HIM, because there is no other god;
    - there is no religion, but only true faith and ministry to GOD;
    - this is the true faith: serving and worshiping in righteousness and truth to the ONE GOD, the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob (called Israel);
    - understand all peoples who have other religions that your work is in vain, everything that has been transmitted to you is only the lies of your ancestors; you must have the power to accept the truth, because your forefathers have transmitted lies, they have other interests; Understand that there is no other god; understand that GOD is ONE SINGLE, as it is mentioned in the Torah and the Bible, as Israel keeps faith.
    At least these words you will understand: if you speak all languages, if you have all the knowledge of science, if you read all the books in the world, all this will help nothing unless you have full faith and trust in GOD and serve with a clean heart in front of GOD, to make all the pleasure of GOD and to give up idolatry, to renounce the worship and service of statues and other objects, to give up the ministry of crosses and icons. You lack the full trust in GOD; Understand: By serving the things made by the hand of man, by this you show that you do not trust fully in GOD and this is very bad from you; by this you show that you do not believe that GOD is ONE MASTER; all the training and studies you did did not help you, because you do not understand and do not believe that GOD is ONE , HE has created everything and HE holds them ONLY with all, with HIS power. Understand: everything you do through idolatry and useless theories by serving your brothers’ dead bodies, all this will come down, you alone will make yourself to be thrown.
    Judge and turn to the path of truth, turn and serve GOD, for only GOD has power. Believe these things: serve only GOD, for without GOD all your work is vain.
    !!!!!!! The peoples of the world are confused and can not distinguish between good and evil: you must all understand that tolerance is admitted to solving the critical situation, as with the false religions of the world, but tolerance does not mean accepting evil, but tolerance is admitted to solving evil things; so tolerance is admitted to solving evil things and is not allowed until the acceptance of bad things; so you have to reject the idea and understand that tolerance is allowed for straightening and is not admitted to accepting evil; to tolerate it must be a time of straightening and not a time until acceptance, because it is absurd to interpret tolerance as acceptance, because then you are responsible for the bad things that are being practiced.
     This is to say to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that tolerance does not mean that one thing is good and should be accepted, but tolerance is a period up to straightening and not acceptance of homosexuals. Those who believe that something has changed regarding the commandments and laws of GOD, they are deceived, because all that GOD left remains and is forever valid. This is what the Catholics and the Orthodox are cheating on, because they believe that the commandments are no longer so important without judging that GOD has left the commandments for people to do what they are asked and to be saved.
    But I say to you, the commandments and laws of GOD have been and will always be valid; do not forget: Jesus was sent by GOD and brought you from GOD very good teachings and will say that the sky and the earth will pass faster, but there will be no change in the law; Understand that GOD does not change as you believe, because HE is forever the same GOD.
    All the earth is hit with disasters and misfortunes, but you, religious leaders, are shameless and respectless to GOD.
    Absence, lie, greed, and the functions that you have, all this is related to idolatry, worship and ministry to the work done by your hands.
    Yes, the good sense for you is the deception and lie you live in.
    Your judgment is feeble. Do not rely on your own functions, because even the dignity of the functions you have, you will have to answer, because you have occupied the functions that you have to bring worship, honor and praise to GOD, thanks and true sighing, but you occupy these functions to bring reproach and shame before GOD; for you do not serve GOD, but serve the things; yes, you serve the dead bodies of your brethren, you will smite the crosses and icons made by you, serve the statues of Buddha and serve all that is false, and it is not true; understand those who serve Buddha that your ministry is in vain
    Other peoples serve Buddha, forgetting that this was also a man, the peoples are in a great confusion, the world does not understand and can not distinguish between who is a man and who is the ONE GOD to whom he is to be served; so too, disgusting in India is on the highest heights, because they were advised to give up their idols and return to serve GOD, but they will not, and although the blows to their country are uninterrupted, they are stubborn to remain in idolatry.
    Catholics and Orthodox worship in statues and faces of people – without understanding, without shame, to say one and do another; How blind is in the world, because you do not even understand that GOD is ONE MASTER and we only need to serve Him; you have the commandments in front of you and you do not understand them; you will love the lie and yet you will believe in godliness, righteousness and expect salvation; you serve and honor the dead bodies of your brethren, without thinking that they also need the salvation that comes from GOD, THE ONLY GOD. Only GOD gives salvation, because HE gave life and HE is ONE GOD.
    Here I will repeat and tell you again what you need to do and how to serve GOD as being counted among the servants of GOD:
    1. You must understand and believe that GOD is ONE SINGLE and there is no other god; Understand that there is not and there will never be any god that you imagine;
    GOD is ONLY MASTER over the heavens, over the earth and hell. So, GOD gives salvation and puts into heaven the spirits that serve Him; GOD gave life to the earth, and HE keeps them alive with all his might; GOD casts into hell those who disobey HIM and do not do HIS will; hell is a punishment for evil spirits; GOD stands on the throne of HIS Glory and is above all; Jesus is our older brother and the beginning of the creation of GOD; Jesus received from GOD the greatest function, the function of scrutinizing the cleansing of spirits, and confessing to GOD those who do the will of GOD; Jesus has his throne, he is down at the right hand of GOD at the feet of GOD; The Holy Spirit of GOD has its place, to GOD and through it GOD blesses everything he wants; but you must understand that all ministry, worship and thanks only to GOD, because from HE and HE are all; but you must ask GOD to allow you to bless and thank Jesus and the Holy Spirit of GOD, because they work for GOD, they work for the salvation of the world;
    The world must understand that evil spirits, demons and Satan are kept as slaves in hell and are punished to stay there.
    Tell those who are organized in churches dedicated to demons as well as those who have a musical culture based on sympathy with demons, tell them that evil spirits, demons and Satan have nothing of their own, and have nothing to offer to the world, because they are not free and they are held by slaves in hell; so it is deceiving those who make illusions that they will live like demons, for the demons are not free, but are punished by GOD to stay in hell; everyone must know that GOD has done everything and that he punishes all who disobey him;
    2. Discard service to statues, to Buddha and any appearance, because they were not and can not be gods and can not save;
    I tell you what I know from GOD: GOD will very severely punish those who build statues and those who worship these statues;
    All I did was GOD’s will. So, you will answer for what you have not done, and the punishment of GOD is extreme. All are created and have life from GOD, so they all respond to GOD.
    Look for GOD’s forgiveness, for all respond to GOD and no one can stand and answer before GOD, no one; Buddha can not answer for his deeds; so Buddha can not help himself, so he can not help you.
    Give up the crosses and the icons, in all man-made forms and serve GOD, ask forgiveness and turn to GOD to be mature and not to throw GOD in hell;
    You have to understand all these things: some religions learn the fighting, the attack and the defense, but the fight is contrary to the true faith in GOD; so you must understand that the struggle is contrary to faith and fulfillment of service before GOD. You must have full faith in GOD. You do not have to prepare for the struggle, but you have to do what is right before GOD and you will have what is good, you will live without fear and you will have peace, just do what is pleasing in front of GOD.
    You are not confused: goodness is not religion, it is a way of behavior, and good is ONLY GOD; no matter how well you behave with those around you, if you do not do it all with faith in GOD, with gratitude and gratitude to GOD, for everything you give and for everything you give to all, then your behavior is not help salvation; all you have to do is to praise and honor GOD, to gratify your gratitude for the gifts received from GOD, you must thank GOD for the spirit of life that HE gave you, because it is the most precious but if you want to enter into eternal life;
    Do you believe what I say to those who do not serve GOD: you will be astonished when you see that you will be thrown into the great trouble and then it will be too late, because you do not want to believe that your ministry is in vain, your ministry is just the illusion your mind, is your imagination, the false interpretation of reality, ignorance has created confusion and yet you continue to live in this deception; the only true ministry is ministry in righteousness and truth, through worship, praise, thanksgiving and blessings before GOD. Turn around so you do not get bigger blows. GOD is full of kindness, but HIS judgment is true and right, and HE will give every one his pay as he worked;
    3. Faith and ministry to GOD can not be negotiated, nor can any factuality be made regarding ministry to GOD;
    GOD’s commandments can not be canceled, as Catholics and Orthodox have canceled them, yet they say they serve GOD; Jesus clearly said that you keep the commandments if you want to come into eternal life, and he came from GOD to bring you teachings; you have set aside the commandments and laws of GOD, and have chosen to do what is pleasant to you; Orthodox and Catholics can not understand that they serve what they want and not what GOD wants;
    4. It must be understood by all those who speak without judgment, all who question the existence of GOD, these things: GOD is the CREATOR of the universe and all that is, and as you can not understand the dimensions and limits of the universe, the more much you will not understand the power and the greatness of GOD; but I say to you, and I want you to believe these words: I have seen GOD and I am the servant of GOD, I am the servant of GOD and do what I have to do to my LORD, to my GOD, THE ONLY GOD and MASTER; they must all understand that GOD is above life, for HE has given life, and that he is GOD and is not part of this life;
    I say to you, because I have seen: GOD can do anything, but he does not want to; I have no words to express the greatness and power of GOD and I ask for forgiveness before GOD, because I can not in words to do so, and the extraordinary word is too little to talk about the greatness and power of GOD and is much more than wonderful and than can be believed about HIS greatness;
    5. Remember all the religions of the world, because the time left for straightening is a little: just serve GOD and give up your altars loaded with statues and idols; only GOD is ONLY true and you only have to serve HIM;
    6. Join in the ministry of GOD, seek truth and peace; the truth will make you free, but you do not want to recognize the truth, and this is the truth: GOD is ONE SINGLE and only needs to be served, HE is the ONLY LORD and MASTER, and HE gives eternal life, the salvation of the world;
    7. You have power, you have courage only and rise up, turn from evil ways to come to life; leave the stubbornness, lie, fortune, and deceit, for they will descend to hell; no riches to receive and value your spirit, for the spirit is the gift of GOD, and you must show that you value the gift of GOD if you want to live forever; Even if you can calculate the value of the universe, you will not receive it, for this is how you are making the spirit of life that is the gift received from GOD; keep the gift of GOD, the spirit of life from GOD, so that you can keep it in eternal life.
    !!!!!!! To tolerate what is evil, under the pretext of unity in diversity, is to make you guilty and accountable for accepting evil things by being tolerant of those things; things must be tolerated until change and change, and not until the acceptance of evil; if you do not eliminate what is bad together, you are guilty of the extension of the existing evil.
    !!!!!!! You are not united at all and there is still no unity of service to GOD. The unit must be unique, not diversified, otherwise it is not unity; accepting diversity is a stage of cooperation and is not a unit; Unity means doing the same, but you live in a room and do different things. !!!!!!! Unity must be through faith and ministry to the ONE GOD, the CREATOR of the universe and all that is. There is no unity in diversity, nor can it be. Terminate with the lie and end up cheating each other and no longer deceiving each other. It’s a lie what you think of through unity in diversity, and that’s because you like to lie to each other and want to continue to live in lies and indifference. There can be no unity in diversity, because in such situation would expand its side, religion, traditions and culture, each wanting to show off and to impose in this unit, easy, one by religion, traditions and culture. You like to lie to yourself and in no case do you want to do what you need, what GOD wants. With this mutual deception, you slowly come closer to the day you will answer for what you have not done, because you are doing what is good for your functions and not what you have to do for the world, you think of yourself and do not think of the world, of the peoples over whom you have power.
    What do you use to have all the knowledge of the world, if you lose your soul?
    !!!!!!! I am confused by those who think they have a choice between GOD and science or technology, because GOD is above life and matter, because HE created them; so GOD created all that is around us and matter, and man studies and uses matter; there is no wisdom for those who choose to be concerned only with science and technology, because they only thank the passing experience of their lives and forget about the immortality of the spirit, forget to emphasize as much as possible on the strengthening of their spirit, because this life is just a preparation, and those who do not enter eternal life, even if they will land hundreds of years on earth, even if they will have sciences titles, will all be useless, because it is as if they would not be born, so their life is in vain; so why do you use all the knowledge of the world if you lose your soul? To them, you lived in vain, as if you were not born.
    Do not be confused because of technology because of the new techniques discovered; do not make GOD with science, do not make such comparisons, because GOD is above all, GOD has left everything that man discovers, GOD given to man wisdom to live and to secure what he needs for life on earth, but these activities, called science, are part of life and are not for the salvation of the spirit; man invents and studying phenomena surrounding him, but GOD put man in all wisdom and not as is believed the man would discover things outside the will of GOD or apart from what GOD made; without GOD’s support, nothing in the universe and in life would exist, so man and the whole universe need the support of GOD; besides, man also needs the salvation of the spirit; in front of anything is ministry to GOD, and technology must only be used for its purpose, not so much; Do not abuse the technology and useless information; the information of the daily work, but not more, because what is beyond the strict necessity damages the spirit, makes it difficult and becomes a burden that we do not need, there is interjection and laziness to serve GOD, and in these situations the state of the spirit degrades and gets worse; you must have control over the use of technology;
    GOD created and gave life to all that is, so through this you can understand that GOD is far above the universe and life and words that can be said, because HE gave them life; do not make comparisons and ridiculous choices; GOD can do what he wants with the whole universe, so those who give up service to GOD do not really care for the gift received from GOD by their spirits;
    !!!!!!! How can a man think that he does not care about his own life? I tell you how: he is full of envy, of selfishness, suffers from a severe grandmanism, that he does not want to recognize his powerlessness and incomprehension in these lifetimes, and continually slip on the slope of perdition where there is no more gratitude, there is no good feel and respect; yes, these people only care about the social position of this life and they no longer respect GOD, they do not want to hear
     of GOD, because in everything they do they consider themselves superficial and lonely in everything they do, without realizing that they condemn themselves;
     Every man, any position and social function would have, if he does not serve GOD, is lost, can do nothing.
    !!!!!!! GOD has been, is and remains forever, GOD is unchangeable.
    The world must understand, those who do not recognize the power and existence of GOD, that what they believe and their statements do not affect the existence or the being of GOD, but affects their own situation, because their spirit is degraded.
    Help widows and orphans.
    Search for the justice and peace of the world, seek understanding and forgiveness.
    Help those who run from their own countries and receive them.
    Help the countries that need you and who ask for your help.
    The grace and mercy of GOD is endless, for it has allowed me again to call you to come back to HIM so that you do not all die.
    Praise GOD, give honor and worship to GOD, bless GOD and thank GOD for giving you this time to straighten, for otherwise all the earth would have been destroyed.
    Whatever trouble will be left to come upon the world, do not forget: every attempt is from GOD, the CREATOR of the universe and all that is, and you remain faithful in ONE GOD and serve GOD, no matter what trouble will come to enter in eternal life. The GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob (called Israel), HE is SINGLE GOD.
    Read the message several times to make sure you understand its content.
    Give praise, honor, thanks and praise to GOD for all that is.

    GOD bless you!
    His wretched servant

  8. porFrancisco Gozalvo

    en noviembre 26, 2018

    Por lo que dicen en su web, ustedes consideran hechos reales e históricos todos los relatos de la Biblia. No hay pues nada mitológico en la creación de Adan a partir del barro, el diluvio universal, la torre de Babel, la destrucción de Sodoma y Gomorra etc… son hechos reales y verdaderos que hay que entender literalmente.
    Practican lo que usualmente se llama “fundamentalismo bíblico”.
    Supongo también que no aceptarán ni remotamente la posibilidad de la evolución de las especies tal como la ciencia postula a partir de Darwin.
    Consecuentemente con lo anterior y a diferencia de la Iglesia Católica y de algunas confesiones protestantes del norte de Europa, condenarán los estudios históricos de la Biblia y la llamada “crítica histórica de la Biblia”.
    ¿Es así?


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